Water is an essential lifeline for any community, and at Skyline Ridge, we take great pride in ensuring that our residents have a reliable and efficient water supply. Our water infrastructure is a testament to careful planning and engineering excellence, designed to provide clean, fresh water to every corner of our community.

The heart of our water distribution system is the impressive 200,000+ gallon water tower that stands tall at the top of The Ridge.┬áSo, you may wonder, how does the water make its way to the top of the community in the first place? It all begins in the Cle Elum valley, nestled below Skyline Ridge. Here, deep beneath the earth’s surface, lies a well that taps into the underground aquifers, drawing the water. This well serves as the initial source of our community’s water supply, providing a consistent source of water.

But the journey is far from over. The water, once extracted from the ground, it embarks on an ascent up the North Cle Elum Ridge. It is propelled upward through a series of two massive pumps, each a marvel of engineering, designed to efficiently transport the water to its final destination at the summit of Skyline Ridge. These pumps work tirelessly, surmounting a remarkable elevation gain of approximately 1,300 feet along the way.

This elevation gain not only showcases the innovative engineering prowess behind our water system but also ensures that every home within Skyline Ridge enjoys strong water pressure, a critical factor in delivering convenience and comfort to our residents.

At Skyline Ridge, we believe that attention to detail in every aspect of community planning, including essential infrastructure like water supply, is what sets us apart. Our commitment to providing a reliable and efficient water system is just one example of how we prioritize the well-being and quality of life for our residents. As you savor a glass of water or step into a refreshing shower, you can rest assured that Skyline Ridge’s water journey is a testament to our dedication to creating an exceptional living experience.